A similar trend has put the lady at the top of the words. The Oxford English Dictionary notes examples such as the nurse, housekeeper and cook. An insulting and sexist phrase by DH Lawrence, in 1929, uses two words like this: “You only look if you`re really a little inferior, like a shopkeeper or a secretary.” Imagine today that you are referring to a leader or a soldier: you should be a gentleman`s idiot. Contract of honor between persons of sex and/or non-sexual persons and/or persons otherwise and/or combinations therein*. Since this is a bit misleading, I would vote in favor of an “agreement without legal or binding effect” of phrases such as “gentleman`s agreement” and “humanity” banned in favor of gender-neutral terms. Sexist words are constantly being balanced. In performance reviews, women tend to get vague feedback (“you had a great year for example”) or sexist feedback, such as for example. B a disproportionate number of comments on communication style, while men receive clearer feedback on certain skills related to actual performance. .

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