In the same way that you might see a conflict with team members, you may not agree with a manager in the past. This question could determine how you react to disagreements when it comes to a person of authority and how it might affect your ability to perform assigned tasks. Frank: While conflict management can be challenging, it`s much better to deal with it as soon as it happens rather than letting it sit and let it sit. But be aware that this is one of those questions that really doesn`t really have a correct answer and what a HR manager is looking for can vary greatly from job to job. Here, you should discuss the exact steps you have taken to fix the problem. Have you set up a personal meeting with your boss? If so, how did you approach the conversation? Not only do you show how willing you are to take responsibility for a situation, but you also demonstrate your problem-solving abilities. This gives your interviewer insight into how you`re tackling conflicts – so they can decide whether or not you`re adapting well to their team. “Respect professional questions,” says Michele Bishop, director of talent acquisition and corporate communications at Advanced Radiology Services. It proposes to avoid personal problems such as small things or social situations. These kinds of small, non-work-related topics seem immature and unworking during a job interview. It is best to focus on a work scenario, for example.B. if you and your boss have seen a project differently or if you disagree on how to manage a client`s account.

It`s a good idea to decide what conflict you want to talk about before your job interview. This way, you can practice your answer in advance and even write down some story details that you can check out before the interview starts. In general, a few varied stories, ready for different behavioral questions, can help you provide great answers, even if interview jitters hire. If you`re asking for a while when you`ve had a conflict or disagreement with a colleague, you need to be willing to share a story. (This is the classic format of most behavioral interview questions that say, “Tell me about a time when..” Every good interview story involves a happy ending….