Salary increases could affect the police overtime budget, as all over 40 hours worked are paid at the employee`s overtime rate. As part of the negotiated increase, the four police captains will not be replaced when the current four retire. The first departure was at the end of January, when Captain Rich Demick retired after 28 years in the police force. In January, captains, lieutenants and NCOs from the Joliet Police Department received a flat-rate increase. The Agency`s four captains each received 9,947 $US. Ten Joliet police lieutenants received increases of 9,065 $US. Three police supervisors received increases of 8,664 $US and 27 police supervisors received increases of 8,263 $US. Important financial information from the city of Joliet, such as budgets, audits and other reports, is provided online. View all budget and financial information. Information and forms on taxes collected on the spot According to Joliet Patchs` analysis, Joliet`s 14 police supervisors all received increases of more than $9,000 in January: Heavener retired at the end of January. Videos and downloadable documentation of Joliet City Council meetings, committees, commissions and commissions are available online. The city of Joliet is an equal opportunity/housing employer and has openings and opportunities on the site. Last summer, Patch reported that since 2015, Cardwell has received at least $150,000 in total compensation each year.

On January 1, the 7 per cent increase in cardwell and its Joliet Police Supervisors Association came into effect. When Councillor Jan Quillman asked for a hand in the crowd of people who wanted Shanahan to leave his job, Cardwell raised his hand, as did Sgt. Tom Grutzius, Sgt. Dave Harris and Sgt. Larry Collins. Sgt. Lindsey Heavener was also in uniform at the June 18 meeting, and he had been working on the phones that several council members called before the meeting to encourage them to get rid of Shanahan, Joliet Patch reported last summer. Joliet City Council approved salary increases for the Joliet Police Supervisors Association on January 15, 2019. For more information on the three-year contract, click here on the entire document of 84 languages.

The city of Joliet said that despite the police watchdog`s 7 percent pay increase, the city would recoup long-term savings if the four captain positions were no longer on the payroll. Information on the purchase of equipment, supplies, equipment and services of use by the city is available on the site. As Cardwell, Grutzius, Harris, Collins and Heavener also received identical increases of $8,263 on January 1. Presented to the citizens of Illinois as a single reference point to check how their taxpayers` money is spent to support state programs. The Illinois Transparency – Accountability Portal contains information on government employee salaries, government spending, contracts with public agencies, corporate accountability and professional licenses.