Wolfgang Huber – head of electric car sales for the German dealer – explains to InsideEVs: Autohaus-Koenig is a prominent German dealership network that works with multiple brands. What it did was to “engineer” the €6,100 incentive from BAFA (Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle, or Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) for it to fit a leasing plan for the Renault ZOE Life Z.E. 50. In 1983, Margaret Thatcher said, “We know that there is no such thing as public money. There is only taxpayers` money.” That is why any tax credit or government incentive does not come for free: someone is paying. Regardless of that, individuals that use them get their tax money back, which is equivalent to not spending it. What if you could turn that into free electric mobility? A German dealer found a smart way to do that with Renault ZOEs. “In the first two weeks, there were almost 3,000 inquiries from all over Germany via our website and countless calls to our shops. In the electric vehicle center in Berlin, all phones were ringing permanently at the same time and they had to be muted for us to be able to work.

We then wrote ‘sold out’ on our website so that we would have a chance to process the previous inquiries. Now there are about 50 to 100 email requests per day and the call frequency is manageable.” Individuelle Lösungen für die Mobilität Ihres Unternehmens 5 TÜREN – Klimaanlage, Audiosystem R&GO mit DAB-Radio, elektrische Fensterheber vorne, Lenkrad und Fahrersitz höhenverstellbar, LED-Tagfahrlicht, Bordcomputer, Multifunktionslenkrad, Modularitäts Paket, Tageszulassung “The calculation is mainly based on the special feature that the subsidy is paid out tax neutral. For companies and tradesmen, this tax is a transitory item when the car is used for commercial purposes. In addition, Renault`s leasing conditions for companies are slightly better. If one part of the subsidy is used as a downpayment to keep the leasing rates low, the other part of the subsidy is sufficient to compensate for the complete installments in time.” 5-TÜREN – Klimaanlage, EASY LINK 7 Zoll mit Smartphone-Integration, Sitzheizung der Vordersitze, Easy Paket, elektrische Fensterheber vorne, Tageszulassung . Ebenso wie führende Glasservice-Dienstleister bieten wir Ihnen die Steinschlagreparatur zum Nulltarif an. Batterie: Z.E. 40 / ca. 300 km Reichweite (gemischter Fahrzyklus bei milden Außentemperaturen), Klimaanlage, Voll-LED-Scheinwerfer, Online-Multimediasystem EASY LINK mit 7-Zoll-Touchscreen und Smartphone-Integration, Sitzheizung, Lenkradheizung, elektrische Fensterheber vorne, Keycard Handsfree, Bestellfahrzeug Klang & Klima-Paket, Trennwand mit Fenster, Hecktüren assymetrisch mit Fenstern, Ganzjahresreifen, elektrische Fensterheber, Frontairbag für Fahrer und Beifahrer, Fahrersitz höhenverstellbar, Zentralverriegelung mit Fernbedienung, Tageszulassung JACQUES BOUSQUET DP, Renault Fleet International and Used Car 5 Renault Captur INTENS E-TECH Plug-in 160: 25.252,94 € mit einer UPE von 32.752,94 €, zzgl. Überführungskosten, abzüglich Elektrobonus von 7.500 €.

. . • die Versicherungs-Aktion gilt für Fahrer ab einem Alter von 24 Jahren Große Batterie: Z.E. 50 / ca. 380 km Reichweite (gemischter Fahrzyklus bei milden Außentemperaturen), Klimaautomatik, Voll-LED-Scheinwerfer, Online-Multimediasystem EASY LINK mit 9,3-Zoll-Touchscreen und Navigationssystem, Bluetooth, Sitzheizung, Lenkradheizung, Leder-Stoffpolster, Einparkhilfe vorn und hinten , Rückfahrkamera, Toter-Winkel-Warner, elektrische Fensterheber vorne und hinten, Keycard Handsfree, 16-Zoll-Leichtmetallräder, Metallic-Lackierung, NEUWAGEN – Sofort Lieferbar! .