3. Flipkart is not responsible for non-performance or breach of contract between buyers and sellers. Flipkart cannot and does not guarantee that the affected buyers and/or sellers will make a transaction on the site. Flipkart is not required to settle or settle disputes or disputes between buyers and sellers. Major Indian e-commerce players Amazon and Flipkart are now signing agreements with online sellers to set an operating price on the market for each product. Start a Flipkart sales account and receive logistics and shipping support. Flipkart has ties with couriers who pick up parcels and deliver them all over India. They even offer packaging support and materials as well as training. Once an order has been received, the seller packs the product and prepares it for shipping. The logistics partner picks him up for the redirection.

Please note that Flipkart does not provide packaging materials. Sellers must make their own arrangements. It is easy to sell on Flipkart and boat because they have 200 hubs and 10,000 delivery staff. To register your name as a seller in amazon – flipkart, you must sign up for GST, as this is an imperative requirement. Once you have the GSTIN, you can sign up as a seller – start selling the requirements to become a seller on most e-commerce platforms are the same. With Digicommerce, you can also become a seller on Limeroad, Amazon, eBay, Paytm, Shopclues, Snapdeal and Voonik to increase sales. 4. The seller rejects the replacement application, the buyer can argue a dispute by writing to resolution@flipkart.com. Govt recently considered asking online sellers to prove discounts offered by sellers After the company provided the above-mentioned information, records and documents, the company was able to launch the sale of its products on the Flipkart portal.

After the completion of the business procedures related to the seller FlipkartInscribed allowed the company to set up its showcase and list its products for sale on Flipkart. Flipkart respects the intellectual property of others. If you feel your brand has been injured, you can write Flipkart infringement@flipkart.com or ss@flipkart.com. You can even sell on Flipkart as a partnership company. We recommend registering an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) when you register as a seller with Flipkart, as this route is preferable as a separate legal entity because of its limited liability protection, simple portability. The documents needed to be given to a flipcard seller one below. To sell on Flipkart, a person or company must become a flipcard seller by signing up for Flipkart. The registration process as Flipkart Seller is simple and can be launched from the Flipkart Seller homepage.