In the case of instalment payment agreements with a duration of less than or less than 24 months, you must complete, sign and return the instalment payment agreement (Form 990). The agreement requires a proposed payment amount, which will be reviewed by the Ministry of Finance for approval. All highlighted parts of the form are required and must be fully completed before considering your application for a instalment payment contract for approval. If the necessary areas are not completed, this results in a delay in processing and collection efforts continue. If a taxpayer owes taxes to the state of Michigan, working with a tax advisor can simplify the process. A tax professional can assess whether AI is the best option to follow based on the taxpayer`s tax and financial situation. If you need an AA of more than 2 years, the DOT takes into account your income, expenses and assets. It is essential to ensure that taxpayers present their financial information accurately to the DOT. The DOT uses this information to determine what you can afford. To request a free offer or tax advice, call 1-888-349-2116 or fill out this form to have someone call you. If you talk to your creditor to set up a payment plan, it is not by court order. It can`t stop your creditor from seizing your wages.

Ask your creditor, as part of the agreement, not to seize you unless you miss a payment. Make sure that the payment plan you have established with your creditor is written. A instalment payment plan does not protect you from other seizures such as bank account seizures or tax refunds. For more information about seizures, see toolkit I am Being Garnished for a Debt that Is Not Child Support. You must inform the court of your income and expenses if you apply for the instalment payment plan. The IRS and the State of Michigan have programs that will help you pay tax arrears. You can create a instalment payment contract. The IRS and the State of Michigan have different instalment payment programs. A instalment payment agreement is a payment plan for the payment of tax arrears at a monthly rate. The IRS or the State of Michigan will not take any other enforcement action, such as wage garnishments, taxes, or property foreclosures, as long as you comply with the payment plan. There are no penalties for prepayment of taxes….