But even those who use an allotment garden, spend part of the summer at the campsite or are on business in Germany for a long time can benefit from a home spot. Other areas of application are construction site offices, festivals, home offices or other mobile offices where electricity is available but no DSL is available. A cellular network, however, is usually available. You should only pay attention to the LTE coverage of the selected provider. Most offers can also be accessed via UMTS. It is also important to pay attention to whether the offers of the providers can be used nomadically or whether the user is assigned to an address – for example his home. None of the offers can be used in roaming – not even in other EU countries. Find the best German mobile phone contract with our help. nur 24 37 € /Monat (29,25 €) 715 Allnet Flat L Aktionspreis: 24,37 € statt regulär 29,25 €/ Monat bei Abschluss eines Vertrags mit 24 Monaten Mindestvertragslaufzeit über www.congstar.de bis zum 15.09.2020. Dieser Preis berechnet sich gemäß eines Mehrwertsteuersatzes von 16% und gilt vom 01.07.- voraussichtlich 31.12.2020. Die Mehrwertsteuer ändert sich voraussichtlich ab dem 01.01.2021 auf 19%. Der monatliche Grundpreis erhöht sich in diesem Fall auf 25 €/ Monat.

Einmaliger Bereitstellungspreis: 14,63 €. Das Paket enthält eine Telefonie-Flat und SMS-Flat in alle dt. Netze; im EU-Ausland sind die Inklusivleistungen ohne Zusatzkosten nutzbar. Preise für Sonder- und Servicerufnummern abweichend. Surfen gilt für die Datennutzung innerhalb Deutschlands und im EU-Ausland. Bei Buchung über www.congstar.de bis zum 15.09.2020 wird die Bandbreite ab einem Datenvolumen von 15 GB statt 10 GB im jeweiligen Monat von max. 25 Mbit/s im Download und 5 Mbit/s im Upload auf max. 32 Kbit/s im Download und Upload beschränkt. Great deals combined with the flexibility of choosing your favorite mobile phone and network paired with their outstanding customer service make for a great combination. Also some companies will offer contracts that can be terminated monthly while other contracts are for a minimum duration of 24 months.

As most of the information regarding mobile contracts are written in German, we’d like you to be cautious about below limitations and hidden benefits that are easily overlooked: But if you are in need of fast mobile internet and great network coverage throughout Germany then Deutsche Telekom is your best pick. Deutsche Telekom should be your No.1 choice if you are looking for great mobile network quality. Videos are compressed to SD quality of 480p. The Düsseldorf provider allows users of the GigaCube to use the spot in many different places. The Vodafone GigaCube is therefore not tied to a specific address and is therefore also suitable for travel within the Federal Republic and thus, for example, for circus travelers or showmen. The only requirement is a socket for electricity and of course the Vodafone network. Alternatively, the Vodafone home spot can also be operated as a mobile router via the cigarette lighter via a car converter in the car. It is therefore also suitable for ensuring internet and WiFi in the truck – ideal for long-distance drivers. The truck driver only has to do without EU roaming. o2 recently became the biggest German mobile provider after merging with Eplus. Only the providers listed above have their own mobile network, the other providers operate based on the network of those listed companies. For example, providers such as T-Mobile, Congstar and 1&1 are using Telekom network while freenetmobile offers services in all three networks to different conditions.