If you are retired in the UK and live in Gibraltar, the Gibraltar authorities will offer you the same medical services as a citizen of Gibraltar. You don`t have to pay insurance premiums, but you have to pay a prescription fee. Norwegians need a valid Norwegian passport and proof of valid insurance under the Norwegian national insurance system or a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with the initials NO. They are insured for the duration of their stay in Australia until the expiry date of their visa, national insurance or CEC card. To register with Medicare, visitors to the Netherlands need a valid Dutch passport, either their European health insurance card with the initials NL or proof of insurance valid under the Dutch health insurance system. Finns are covered by the reciprocal agreement for the duration of their stay in Australia until their visa expires. Here is an overview of countries that currently have mutual agreement and rights: Dutch visitors are entitled to the health insurance mentioned above until their visa, DEEE card or Dutch health insurance expires, depending on what is earlier. You must also suspend your existing health insurance to ensure that you keep your existing lifetime health insurance. If you have been travelling for more than 5 years, special requirements apply when you return. Ask the hospital or doctor if a refund is possible. If not, ask the local public health.

It is also important to remember that Medicare offers benefits, but it does not cover all possibilities. New Zealand and Australia have a mutual health agreement, which means that New Zealand citizens travelling to Australia are entitled to limited subsidized health services for the necessary medical care during a visit to Australia. The mutual health agreement includes necessary medical treatment. The necessary medical treatment is any illness or injury that occurs while you are in Australia and requires treatment before returning home. For international students or work visa employees in Australia, if you get sick or have an accident, you may need to directly fund the total cost of your treatment. The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman says that public hospitalization of an uninsured patient can cost more than $1,500 per day for accommodation alone. In addition, there are medical and drug costs. Note: Reciprocal health agreements with the following countries were denounced in 2016: the agreements do not cover repatriation costs to the UK (repatriation) or routine monitoring of existing conditions. Illnesses and accidents can occur at any time and medical costs in Australia can be very high.

Health insurance can help you protect yourself from some of these costs. To see if you are qualified for the medicare visit, www.medicareaustralia.gov.au Australia has mutual health agreements with – New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Norway, Malta, Belgium, Slovenia and Ireland. Each mutual agreement is different and varies in terms of both benefits and eligibility duration. The agreements do not apply to all health services.